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2beMAG is open to all kind of proposals for publication. However, bear in mind the following guidelines before submitting a proposal to us:

For fashion photography: pro photography level standards, a minimum of 8 photographs in high-res., at least 5 different stylisms, data of all the team involved, full and correct credits for all images...

For articles: from 100 to 1.500 words. At least 3 images/photographies/videos included. Texts must fit publishing quality standards (vocabulary, grammar, etc.).

For video-art: Information about the creators, a short excerpt (100-300 words) and the video piece.

Other kind of submissions will be studied by the editor in chief.


2beMAG is a magazine for promoting raw talents, up-and-comers, and fresh new work. The aim of the mag is to discover brands and talented people who want to exhibit their work. If you are a RAW talent and consider that you should be discovered, we invite you wherever you are to participate in our magazine 2beMAG. Let everybody know who you are. Be with us.


As proper of an online magazine, at 2beMAG we offer a wide variety of rich-media options to fit your advertisement interests:

  • Advertorials: Photographic editorials with your brand as central theme
  • Full page and Half page live ads: Animated adverts with video and/or music
  • Full page and Half page standard ads
  • Sponsored contents
  • All options include by default publication in our blog and promotion at social networks where we operate (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Vimeo).
  • For further info contact

As 2beMAG's natural environment is the Internet and is publish both in English and Spanish, we have two huge markets instead of just one: Spanish and International. This means our publicity arrives to a wider audience than narrower magazines. Our audience is glocal: local for Spain and South-America, and global thanks to our worldwide coverage.

Some of our readers' profiles:

  • Fashion professionals: designers, photographers, stylists, make-up and hair artists, etc.
  • Marketing professionals: All those marketing and sales experts focused on fashion and trends.
  • Artists in photography, video, design, etc.
  • Everyone that enjoys the best fashion and trendsetting content.

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