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2beMAG is open to all kind of proposals for publication. However, keep in mind the following guidelines before submitting a proposal to us:

For fashion photography: pro photography level standards, a minimum of 8 photographs in high-res., at least 5 different stylisms, data of all the team involved, full and correct credits for all images...

For articles: from 100 to 1.500 words. At least 3 images/photographies/videos included. Texts must fit publishing quality standards (vocabulary, grammar, etc.).

For video-art: Information about the creators, a short excerpt (100-300 words) and the video piece.

Other kind of submissions will be studied by the editor in chief.


As proper of an online magazine, at 2beMAG we offer a wide variety of rich-media options to fit your advertisement interests:

  • Advertorials:Photographic editorials with your brand as central theme
  • Full page and Half page live ads: Animated adverts with video and/or music
  • Full page and Half page standard ads
  • Sponsored contents
  • All options include by default publication in our blog and promotion at social networks where we operate (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Vimeo).
  • For further info contact

2beMAG's natural environment is the Internet and is publish both in English and Spanish, we have two huge markets instead of just one: Spanish and International. This means our publicity arrives to a wider audience than narrower magazines. Our audience is glocal: local for Spain and South-America, and global thanks to our worldwide coverage.


2beMAG is a magazine for promoting raw talents, up-and-comers, and fresh new work. The aim of the mag is to discover brands and talented people who want to exhibit their work. If you are a RAW talent and consider that you should be discovered, we invite you wherever you are to participate in our magazine 2beMAG. Let everybody know who you are. Be with us.


  • Editor in Chief Jose Grimm
  • Art Director Sean Ammir
  • General Coordinator Roman Austin
  • Travel & Arts Writer Virginia Blasco
  • Art Writer Anonymous
  • Sales & PR Laura Gómez
  • Marketing Lidia Johnson
  • Social Networks Nat&Jay
  • Production DeeBee Creative
  • Associated Blogger Max Adam
  • CTO Federico Veiga

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